The Nommies appear in the movie. They include:

  1. Om Nom
  2. Roto
  3. Lick
  4. Blue
  5. Toss
  6. Boo
  7. Snailbrow
  8. Ginger
  9. Om Nelle

Main Menu

You have 5 options in the Main Menu.

  1. Play Movie
  2. Scene Selections
  3. Bonus Features
  4. Om Nom's Fun Club
  5. Settings

Om Nom's Fun Club

You have 12 options:

  1. Trivia Challenge!
  2. Sing-A-Long
  3. How to draw Om Nom, Blue, & Toss
  4. Nommie Rush Game
  5. Interactive Storybook
  6. Family Fun Activity
  7. Toss's Fun Recipe
  8. Obstacle Course
  9. DVD-Rom Fun
  10. Rocket Game
  11. Favorite Food
  12. Arts & Crafts

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