Cut the Rope: Triple Treat


Cut the Rope: Triple Treat


March 28th, 2014


Nintendo 3DS


Puzzle, Compilation

Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is a compilation of Cut the Rope games released on Nintendo 3DS on March 28th, 2014. It was developed by Activision. The game includes 3 full Cut the Rope games: Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel.


Top Screen

On the top screen on the 3DS, it shows a 3D Om Nom (when playing Time Travel it will show two 3D Om Noms) that copies the 2D Om Nom on the bottom. When you get the candy to Om Nom it will also show the 3D Om Nom getting the candy.

Bottom Screen

On the bottom screen on the 3DS, it shows the actual gameplay. You use the stylus to cut the ropes, like how you cut them using your finger on the iOS version.




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