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Cut the Rope is a physics-based puzzle video game for several platforms and devices, released on October 4, 2010. The game was developed by Russian company ZeptoLab. Read more about the game.

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Toss is a Nommie helper character in Cut the Rope 2. She is the fourth Nommie that Om Nom meets in the game, and is first found in the City Park. She is currently the only female character in the game so far.


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My Om Nom Official Game Trailer - Exclusively on the App Store00:34

My Om Nom Official Game Trailer - Exclusively on the App Store


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December 2014 - My Om Nom is released! Exclusive for iOS!
December 2014 - 24 brand new levels came to the Bakery in Cut the Rope 2 with a brand new Om Nom Stories along with Ginger, the burny new friend!
December 2014 - My Om Nom is announced and for the first time, introducing Om Nelle, the female Om Nom!
December 2014 - Cut the Rope: Holiday is released again, for a limited time with Paddington!

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  • Cake-with-little-happiness


    January 19, 2015 by Cake-with-little-happiness

    Once all the nommies went to a juice shop to drink there favorite jucies after that they all went for a walk in the forest but suddenly Roto got a very bad urge to pee! she was embarrassed to tell her friends that she had to pee she thought they would make fun of her that she has a really small bla…

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  • Cake-with-little-happiness

    One day Om nom and Toss decided to go to a restuarant (it was kind off like their first date) Om nom asked Toss what would she like to eat? she said she would like a fruit cake then she asked Om nom what does he want? he said he will order a bowl full of assorted candy, Toss giggled and told Om nom…

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  • Cake-with-little-happiness

    Once it was raining heavily in the town Om nom's Candy got spoiled because of the rain! he became very sad.. he didn't even have an umbrella,Om nom started feeling cold and uncomfortable, mud was all over Om nom's leg and the saddest part was HE HAD NO HOME!!! Om nom felt soo helpless that he began…

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