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Drawings are pictures of Om Nom scattered throughout the game. Player sees them as sheets of paper stuck to the background of the levels. Tapping them reveals a picture of Om Nom, usually connected with the theme of the level, such as fighting a bee for candy or jumping over steam valves.

Below is a list of drawings found in Cut the Rope.


  • The order of boxes differs in iOS and Android versions of the game. However, drawings are found in the levels with certain numbers, for example, level 7-14 always contains a drawing.
  • Finding drawings requires a lot of perseverance, as they are mainly located at the edges of the screen and are hard to spot.
Drawing Level Notes
Drawing01 4-21
: located at the very edge in the bottom of the screen
Drawing02 6-17
: Gift Box

: Toy Box
Drawing03 3-3
Drawing04 3-20
Drawing05 5-7
Drawing06 12-14
Drawing07 14-13
Drawing08 9-21
Drawing09 4-3
Drawing10 Facebook
Like Cut the Rope on Facebook to get this picture
Drawing11 8-1
: Toy Box

: Cosmic Box
Drawing12 7-14
: Cosmic Box

: Gift Box
Drawing13 13-9
Drawing14 2-18
Drawing15 1-16
Drawing16 8-15
: Toy Box

: Cosmic Box
Drawing17 10-15
Drawing18 11-16
Drawing 19 15-13
Drawing20 16-13

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