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Gift Box is the seventh (originally the fourth) box in the original Cut the Rope.
Gift Box
Gift Box
General Info
Release Date: October 2010
Levels: 25
Episode No.: 8 (7 in iOS)
Previous Episode: Buzz Box (Toy Box in iOS) (Foil Box before 1.6.0 update)
Next Episode: Cosmic Box
Stars to unlock: 375Star
Difficulty: Rather Hard
Game: Cut the Rope

Notable levels


Main article: Gift Box/Walkthroughs

Level Design

Changes in level design



Original game boxes

1st season: Cardboard | Fabric | Foil | Magic | Valentine | Invisible (Hidden)
2nd season: Toy | Gift | Cosmic | Toolbox | Buzz
3rd season: DJ | Spooky | Steam | Lantern | Cheese | Pillow | Mechanical
Bonus: Candy Feast

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