Gilma is what you call a Panzer.Io tank. Gilma has many different forms.

Here are all of Gilma’s forms.

tank, twin, machinegun, sniper, big shot, flank guard, quad tank, tripleshot, deadmause shooter, bigger shot, double bigshot, triple bigshot, double bigger shot, biggest shot, jellyfish tank, faster shot, trapper, tri trapper, mega trapper, auto trapper, gunner trapper, overseer, overlord, manager, factory, hybrid, destroyer, anihilator, gunner, auto gunner, Octo Tank, hunter, ranger, stalker, predator, streamliner, rocketeer, mothership, dominator, arena closer, skimmer, battleship, twin flank, triple twin, auto 3, auto 5, smasher, sprayer, auto smasher, Tri-Angle, booster, fighter, landmine, fast big shot, deadback, penta shot, spread shot, flankchinegun, overtrapper, quad machinegun, and spike.

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