Snailbrow ding
Character Information
Gender Male
Enemies Unknown

Snailbrow is a Nommie added in the Fruit Market update. He looks like a snail with one eye and an eyebrow, hence the name Snailbrow. He likes giving Om Nom rides. Snailbrow is not the only character in the Fruit Market. All of the previous characters are in this world too, such as Om Nom, Roto, Lick, Blue, Toss, and Boo. Snailbrow is friends with all of the other Nommies, especially with Om Nom.

Snailbrow first appeared in this game in the Fruit Market location. His meeting with Om Nom is also shown in an Om Nom Stories episode. In terms of gameplay, he pushes objects around, including the Candy and many others. To move Snailbrow you tap him. Snailbrow also pushes other Nommies.

(Snailbrow was originally known as "Bulldoggy.")



  • In the game, Snailbrow's shell is red. But in the Om Nom Stories: Unexpected Adventure episode, "Fruit Market", his shell is pink. * His skin in the game is much darker than in the episode "Fruit Market.

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