Once all the nommies went to a juice shop to drink there favorite jucies after that they all went for a walk in the forest but suddenly Roto got a very bad urge to pee! she was embarrassed to tell her friends that she had to pee she thought they would make fun of her that she has a really small bladder and she also thought she could hold it, but as time passed the urge increased and increased until she felt like her bladder was about to explode,then she thought that she would fly high up and do it up highin the sky but as she tried to fly, pee just rapidly flowed out, the other nommies saw it Roto helplessly stood there as the pee rolled down her legs she was soo embarrassed that she started crying,the other nommies comforted her and Toss said it was not her fault, it was just an accident then they helped Roto reach her home and when Roto's mommy opened the door she has shocked seeing that Roto's bottoms was completly soaked up then she asked Roto,was there no toilet near by? but Roto did not answer anything, now even her mother started feeling bad for Roto so she gave Roto a nice bath and them explaned Roto that these things happen to almost every child in there young age but Roto's mommy was little bit worried that Roto shouldn't wet the bed so she told Roto to put diapers on before going to bed but Roto refused, then her mommy told her that if she wore diapers she would everyday reward Roto with a candy and therefore Roto agreed to put it on. ~Blush~

The End~

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