During the last few months, the Cut the Rope wiki has gone through a fair bit of development which is great. But we still need a lot more help. This is where you can help, you don't have to do big jobs like writing lots of lengthy articles, in fact we're more or less looking for people who can do the following things:

  • Someone who can go over the pages fixing grammar and neatning things up
  • Someone who can make great templates (particular person we want)
  • Someone to gather info and other little facts
  • Can make your own vids, help expand the walkthrough section
  • Although it would be good to have someone who can to do lengthy articles

Below is also a list of the goals we plan on achieving from the short term to the long term:

Short Term

Mid Term

  • Finish off all the other boxes in the Cut the Rope Series.
  • Start getting the walkthroughs up so they start looking nice
  • Get the rest of the articles to at least a C+ standard

Long Term

  • Have just about all the walkthroughs up, including those for pudding monsters.
  • Have all articles to a great standard.

Ultimate Goal

  • For this wiki to become so good that it's the number one website for walkthroughs and info about Cut the Rope.
  • To be ready and easily be able to put up any new info about updates.

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