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    Dear fellow editors, following the proposal of Clover Stone and NomLeChicken, I've enabled Message Walls on the wikia. Please see this help if you don't know how to work with them. Please note that your old talk page is still available at an archive page. Please comment or write me directly if you feel this was a wrong step.

    And don't miss the release of Asian Dynasty time period for Cut the Rope: Time Travel!

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  • Nochnik

    March '14 blogpost

    March 29, 2014 by Nochnik

    I would have been extremely happy if I could celebrate the Android release of Cut the Rope 2 by playing it all night long. Regretfully, the energy limitations stop me from doing that. And it's not me who lacks energy!

    Anyway, I will try to add as much to Cut the Rope 2 article as I can. However, we've got plenty things to do.

    • We have yet to write a decent page on recently released Bamboo Chutes episode. Note that we have a lot of walkthrough videos for it. The problem is that they're on a separate page [this] each. Instead, they all should be in Bamboo Chutes/Walkthoughs.
    • We have yet to write informative articles on Wild West, The Future and each Cut the Rope 2 location.
    • Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is yet only a stub. It has been released for …
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  • Nochnik

    Dec '13 blogpost

    December 14, 2013 by Nochnik

    Here is a neat article from that brilliantly sums up everything forthcoming in Cut the Rope universe.

    1. Cut the Rope 2 is launched exclusively for iOS. Well, as an Android user, I should say DAMMIT here, but I'm patiently waiting for better news.
    2. The new game allows to move Om Nom around the level and features new side characters and 120 levels.
    3. Cut the Rope: Time Travel will be getting Wild West update, and, in some time, a future-based update.
    4. Cut the Rope: Experiments is also getting an update.
    5. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is available again, now both for iOS and Android.
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  • Nochnik

    Some time ago Zeptolab has announced an upcoming Cut the Rope 2 game with the release of this video:

    I don't want to create a separate page on Cut the Rope 2 yet, so I will accumulate related media and links here:

    • Official press release //

    Another quick note: FrostyLemon has resigned from the wiki. Although I hope he will return one bright day, I am now in charge for the whole wiki. If you have questions on the wiki, please turn to me.

    We have created a page for Cut the Rope 2. Thank you, Phanminhnhat.

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  • Nochnik

    July '13 blogpost

    July 29, 2013 by Nochnik

    Greetings everyone.

    The first and the biggest news is the release of Cheese Box three days ago. I was really happy to play through this delightful level pack, and I am proud to present you a brand new article about it. I've added some images from Cut the Rope Facebook page, an update video, and yes, I know where the hidden drawing is.

    Together with GeorgyKurgan we've made a sweet Achievements article with nearly all the icons there. You're welcome to use it and collect 'em all.

    In the neighbouring blogpost we're gathering questions to ZeptoLab, and they do answer. Wish them loads of patience!

    And a bit of insider information (it's cool to be an admin). The following curve is visits per day in our wikia. Spikey as it is, we're having 500 people…

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