Greetings everyone.

Cheese box announcement

The first and the biggest news is the release of Cheese Box three days ago. I was really happy to play through this delightful level pack, and I am proud to present you a brand new article about it. I've added some images from Cut the Rope Facebook page, an update video, and yes, I know where the hidden drawing is.

Together with GeorgyKurgan we've made a sweet Achievements article with nearly all the icons there. You're welcome to use it and collect 'em all.

In the neighbouring blogpost we're gathering questions to ZeptoLab, and they do answer. Wish them loads of patience!

And a bit of insider information (it's cool to be an admin). The following curve is visits per day in our wikia. Spikey as it is, we're having 500 people per day on average, and those people are worth working for.

--Nochnik (talk) 19:35, July 29, 2013 (UTC)


Visits per day, based on wikia stats

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