I would have been extremely happy if I could celebrate the Android release of Cut the Rope 2 by playing it all night long. Regretfully, the energy limitations stop me from doing that. And it's not me who lacks energy!

Anyway, I will try to add as much to Cut the Rope 2 article as I can. However, we've got plenty things to do.

  • We have yet to write a decent page on recently released Bamboo Chutes episode. Note that we have a lot of walkthrough videos for it. The problem is that they're on a separate page [this] each. Instead, they all should be in Bamboo Chutes/Walkthoughs.
  • We have yet to write informative articles on Wild West, The Future and each Cut the Rope 2 location.
  • Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is yet only a stub. It has been released for Nintendo 3DS on March 25, 2014. While I don't know anyone who owns a Nintendo -- in fact, I don't even know how it looks like -- some day we have to have this article.

But today I also want to say thank you to the people who has been working with me. Thanks to FrostyLemon who was the first to give me the helping hand; thanks to DJSponge for always remaining vigilant; thanks to NomLeChicken for her artistic talents; thanks to Phanminhnhat for his hard work which often saved my time; thanks to GeorgyKurgan for keeping in touch with the wikia. I am extremely grateful to all of you.

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