Greetings everyone.

Since May 3rd, I've been an active user on this wiki, and now I need the help of the community. I understand that the community is in fact just several people, so I'm looking forward to the responses of FrostyLemon and Spongebob456. Everyone else is welcome, however.

I have the following questions:

  1. We are having 500 to 1000 visitors a day, and I haven't seen anyone using chat. Do we need it? I believe we don't.
  2. The same goes for article comments. People love commenting, but among ~60 comments for Om Nom page, nothing is of use. Do we need article comments?
  3. To carry on with content creation, I need a person who has an iPhone and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. Please message me.
  4. The same about Cut the Rope: The Comic.
  5. The same about Cut the Rope: Candy Flick.
  6. We now have quite a range of categories (see them at Special:Categories). Do we need one category to join them all (something like Category:All)? How do you see category tree of the wiki?
  7. I've put some effort into Achievements page, but it needs images badly. A proper image would have 64x64px. If you happen to find achievements images somewhere on the Internet, do remember we need them.
  8. There is a list of articles we need to create the content backbone of the wiki. The following articles need either to be created or rewritten completely. If you want to help the wiki, here's your chance:
List of wanted articles
Games (see Cut the Rope, Experiments and Time Travel for inspiration)
Boxes (see Cardboard Box, Fabric Box and Toolbox for inspiration)
Gameplay elements

Gameplay elements is a big article for each and every gameplay element such as candy, air cushions, stars, spiders, magic hats etc. We have lots of elements to add there.


9. Next is a piece of advice, indeed, not a question. There is a great set of images by ZeptoLab published on their site under press releases and press kits. I am incorporating those into wikia articles as far as I can, but I want you at least to know about those cool sets.

10. The first big thing I did in this wiki was to open Special:Allpages and look through every page (there was ~180 back then), judging if the wiki needs it or not. Together we eliminated all the spam in the (main) namespace. Now we have to do the same for pages in namespaces other than (main). I don't know whether we need to clean user blogs, for example, but it seems to be a lot of pages which are no more used.

11. Some brave person is invited to write some words in Cut the Rope Wiki:About.

12. Some opinions are wanted on how we design the main page. As we progress with the boxes, we'll have more level images, so I suggest putting a slider like this:

Any other ideas on what to do with the main page are welcome!

--Nochnik (talk) 14:25, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

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