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  • NomLeChicken

    I'm back!

    September 9, 2014 by NomLeChicken

    Correct indeed, it is I, NomLeChicken! I have returned from my unannounced hiatus. So anyway, I have been going around Cut the Rope just recently until I found this. It's the official voice actors for Om Nom's ancestors!(Some of them, at least) I got it from the demo version of the official beatbox. If you want, here's a picture and a link to the beatbox.

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  • NomLeChicken

    New Nommie!

    June 19, 2014 by NomLeChicken

    Hey, you better watch out! You better not hide! You better not cry cause I'll tell ya why!

    Snailbrow is coming to town in a new update AND a new Om Nom Story! I'm pretty surprised of how unexpected this update was! And I liked the Om Nom episode. If you want, here are the videos.

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  • NomLeChicken

    I'm not even kidding. Here's the website to it:

    Apparently the app to it is already out, unlike what the site is saying. How did I find this out? I found it out through Cut the Rope: Time Travel's advertisment/News.

    Unfortunately, the app doesn't work as well as predicted. It crashes very so often. I'm dead serious. Whenever I try to customize my 3D Print, it suddenly crashes, sadly. But ah well, I just decided I'd share it anyway.

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  • NomLeChicken

    Hello there!

    One year ago, today, Cut the Rope Time Travel has been released to Google Play/App Store all around the world!

    So with that, I decided I'd do a fanart showing how happy I am for Cut the Rope: Time Travel to exist and it's anniversary FINALLY came!

    Happy B-day, Cut the Rope: Time Travel! :D

    Now let's celebrate!

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