Cut the Rope 2 is a Sequel to Cut the Rope but i don't think Experiments is a Sequel to Cut the Rope after all.
CtR2 wide

Release Date:Unknown Levels:Unknown Genre:Puzzle (Likely)

Om Nom went Missing in the game.

there were a Search for him at

OmNomMissing investigation 2

a man looking at a newspaper.

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a missing poster for om nom that a women is putting on a tree.

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He wasn't in Time Travel.

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he wasn't in the original game.

a Facebook User Shares the Shocking Cut the Rope News.....Boris. some Facebook User he Painted His self in white with a Question Mark.
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somebody did not see om nom.

or he painted his self Black with a Question Mark.

some Facebook user also Thought he wanted to Get OUT Of that iPhone.

OmNomMissing investigation 1

they searched for Om Nom.

996053 670042973029509 873676619 n

Om Nom is Missing

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