• Whirl27

    Cut The Rope Fanon Wiki

    October 24, 2017 by Whirl27

    Hello CTR wiki,

    As I'm sure you already know I own the CTR Fanon wiki, which is a sister wiki to this wiki.

    We have a whole new look over there, go check it out!

    If you intend to post fanon, please do it on the CTR Fanon wiki, not this wiki.

    Many thanks, see you on the wiki,


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  • Whirl27

    Hello ,

    Update: Difficulty for each Cut the Rope box has been determined.

    Iff you disagree with the difficulty of a certain box, please explain why at Talk: Difficulty System.

    Please be sure to also determine a difficulty for each episode of Experiments, Time Travel and CTR 2.

    Thank You.

    Any bad language in:

    1. A blog post will have it deleted for the reason 'spam'.
    2. A comment will immediately get you blocked for three months without a warning.
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  • Whirl27

    Template Updates

    August 6, 2015 by Whirl27
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  • Whirl27

    Difficulty System

    July 30, 2015 by Whirl27

    Hello ,

    I'm just letting you know that I've added a difficulty system to this wiki.

    Please be sure to determine a difficulty for each box and level.

    Please also consider the hardest box in Cut the Rope and the hardest box in Cut the Rope to earn three stars for all or most of the levels.

    Thank you. Bye! ;)

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  • Whirl27

    Problems on this wiki

    July 5, 2012 by Whirl27


    I want to inform you that there are several problems on this wiki.

    There are people making unneeded pages. Please put a delete tag on it if neccesary.

    Not much people are coming to my profile to vote in the polls. Please click here to come over to vote!

    On these templates:

    • Delete
    • Disambig
    • Talk
    • Away
    • Sad Message

    People have been changing the photos on them. Look on the left to see what photos are being used.

    Mumsgirl99, Patrick Mealey T. Blue Bird, DoctorOmega4TixTime, if you put this photo:, you are BLOCKED for 1 month!

    Some people are thinking that Cut the Rope Rio, Cut the Rope Seasons and Cut the Rope Space are fake. If you believe in these games, please remove any delete tags you see on them.

    • If you write a blog post, it must be at least fiveā€¦

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