I want to inform you that there are several problems on this wiki.

Problem #1

There are people making unneeded pages. Please put a delete tag on it if neccesary.

Problem #2

Not much people are coming to my profile to vote in the polls. Please click here to come over to vote!

Problem #3

On these templates:

  • Delete
  • Disambig
  • Talk
  • Away
  • Sad Message

People have been changing the photos on them. Look on the left to see what photos are being used.

Sad om nom

This is the one I prefer (this one is the first one).

Om Nom Sad

This one frightens me (this one is the second one)!

Mumsgirl99, Patrick Mealey T. Blue Bird, DoctorOmega4TixTime, if you put this photo:Om Nom Sad, you are BLOCKED for 1 month!

Problem #4

Some people are thinking that Cut the Rope Rio, Cut the Rope Seasons and Cut the Rope Space are fake. If you believe in these games, please remove any delete tags you see on them.

New Rules

  • If you write a blog post, it must be at least five sentences long and not pointless otherwise it will be deleted for the reason 'Spam'.
  • Any high vandalism like smamming, or vandalising a profile will get you blocked for 3 months without a warning.

Now I have to explain these new rules with the admins.


Templates:Delete, Disambig, Talk, Away and Sad Message: Which photo do you prefer?

The poll was created at 15:39 on July 5, 2012, and so far 2 people voted.

Deadline: 10th September 2012.

Please explain how you feel about this blog post in comments.